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Our story begins in the wood oven of a small house in Estepa, back in 1965 when José and Carmen decided to make mantecados and polvorones with the original recipe passed down from grandparents to grandchildren in this family. It is at this time when Dulces Gamito was born with its legacy of tradition, quality and innovation that remains alive to this day.

In 1993, with less than 30 years of existence, it began to export mantecados and polvorones to different parts of the world. The success of its reception led to the production of the world's first 100% plant-based ice cream with halal certification. This legend that crossed borders made Mantecados Gamito a world reference in this sector of sweets.

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Original elaborations of Dulces Gamito

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Halal Assortment Basket 800g


This premium basket contains: Halal Mantecado of Cinnamon, Coconut, Chocolate, Lemon, and Olive Oil with Almonds. Halal and Crunchy Polvoron, Halal Alfajor, Halal Rosco, Marzipan Snack and Bone, Roskibom, Coconut Ball, Chocolate Mantecadito, Suspiro and Almond Nougat.

Halal guarantee certificate

Gourmet Box of Artisan Almond Polvoron


This gourmet box is a special edition commemorating the origins of the Almond Polvoron in the Spanish city of mantecado. Inside you will find the renowned traditional Polvoron made with the most select raw materials and handcrafted.

No palm oil

Halal Assortment The Cabalgata


Fantastic assortment of La Cabalgata vegetal mantecados and polvorones, includes the most traditional varieties of artisan sweets in three sizes. Contents: Halal Cinnamon Mantecado, Halal Coconut Mantecado, Halal Chocolate Mantecado, Halal Lemon Mantecado, Halal Polvoron and Halal Alfajor.

Halal guarantee certificate

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