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Buy spanish Christmas mantecados

Buy typical sweets of Spain at Christmas with almond, olive oil, peanut, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut or lemon. We offer the best mantecados made by hand using quality raw materials. We make products for the most demanding palates, so that you can enjoy the taste of the typical traditional Christmas sweet, you can find the best range of mantecados in Seville. Buy this premium gourmet sweet with the quality that represents us.

Where to buy and see prices of mantecados online?

In Dulces Gamito we sell mantecados online so you can enjoy the best flavor anywhere. Find the best selection of recommended products and enjoy all our varieties with home delivery. You have to try these popular holiday delicacies from the south of Spain. There is no excuse not to enjoy the best traditional flavor, find in our online store our best range of sweets for you. Dulces Gamito is the best brand of spanish mantecados, It is located in Estepa, Seville.

Sweets made with 100% natural products

We use quality ingredients to make the best traditional mantecados. The ingredients that we use are almond, cinnamon, olive oil, cocoa and sesame. We take care of every detail to obtain the best mantecado with an artisanal elaboration with ingredients of natural origin. Try our toasted almond mantecados made with virgin olive oil. Our products have a Protected Geographical Indication quality certificate.

Typical sweets of spain at christmas online

Typical sweet from the south of Spain, in Seville this traditional sweet is very popular among them. Buy now the Christmas sweets and share with the family the best flavor of Christmas. Popular holiday delicacies in Andalusia.