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Crunchy Chocolate Polvoron


The traditional polvorón renewed with a thin layer of chocolate coating and with rice balls that give it that tasty crunchy touch. Made with raw materials of extraordinary quality, highlighting the select cocoa that covers it.
100% vegetable product.

Traditional Halal Assortment

Exquisite assortment of vegetable shortbreads that includes the most traditional varieties of our fabulous artisan sweets. With Halal guarantee certificate.


  • Halal Cinnamon Mantecado
  • Halal Coconut Mantecado
  • Halal Cocoa Mantecado
  • Halal Lemon Mantecado
  • Halal Polvoron
  • Halal Special Alfajor

Filled Almonds


Although small in size, this delicacy is hugely popular among those who enjoy the most traditional sweets. Pieces individually wrapped in clear paper.